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Butterball is a fun-loving dog who enjoys playing with all types of balls.  She’s curious about the world around her, and loves visiting the beach. When Butterball and her owner arrive at the beach, Butterball immediately begins to explore and forms some new friendships as she roams. Along the way, she learns how she compares with her new seaside friends. When her exploration goes a tad too far, Butterball relies on her new pals to get her out of a tight spot.

As an elementary teacher, I can’t say enough positive things about Butterball Goes to the Beach by Julia Seaborn. Seaborn’s book about Butterball’s beach adventure is simple to read but contains enough challenging vocabulary to make it a wonderful teaching tool. This short picture book fits easily into a life science lesson for kindergarten through second grade students and features illustrations that engage readers and emphasize the educational aspects of the story line.

 A unique aspect of Butterball Goes to the Beach is the author’s choice to include websites with further information about the sea turtles mentioned in the book. In addition, Seaborn has added a short list of discussion questions at the end of the book for teachers and parents to use to engage readers more completely with the book and its characters. Young readers will enjoy the activity pages following the story as well.

 Julia Seaborn’s book is an easy and engaging way to involve students with both an interesting main character and to teach facts simultaneously. I highly recommend Butterball Goes to the Beach to any teacher or parent needing a picture book for a text set or unit on sea life.

Literary Titan

This is a delightful book for toddlers and young children. My 18 month old enjoyed the colourful pictures and sweet story about Butterball the dog. A great story about meeting new friends and helping someone out. Also some great opportunities for learning. A great kids book!

Photo Anchel

Butterball is a poodle and is the color of butter. She is going to the beach today and taking her blue ball. First she digs holes. Next she goes to jump on rocks until he sees an animal she doesn't know. "Hello, what is your name?" Are you curious ? You get to listen/read to find. This is a fun story about what dogs do at the beach. The book has an upbeat story and pretty illustrations. It has a coloring page and games. It also has Green Sea Turtle facts. Fun Questions are in the back. Are you still curious about what Butterball sees at the beach?

Werecat 2

My nephew Aiden liked Butterball very much as he loves animals. He really liked all of the sea creatures in the story.. This was a very good story for children.

Karen C Riley

Educational, sweet, moral! All round a wonderful tale.
I loved how play was mixed with learning in this tale. Lots of fun counting integrated into the story too. A definite must for your little ones bookshelf!

Garyfalos Lisa

A cute story of a dog who gets stuck on rocks, but meets a few animal friends along the way.
Illustrations aren't very special, yet do make clear what the story is about. Did YOU know that starfish have eyes on the tips of their arms? ;)


Nice Story! I enjoyed this beautiful story for children 2+. It's about a friendly dog. The book includes questions in the end of a story that helps children to understand the world. Highly recommend!

Ira Alice

I enjoyed reading this book and absolutely loved all of the beautiful illustrations offered throughout. The book is a great read for all young children of various age. This book encourages children to learn about the sea creatures and promotes math by counting.

Tricia Harrell

Such a sweet puppy adventure. My two little kids loved tagging along with butterball on her beachside adventures! Fun and colourful illustrations really kept them entertained. A great little story.

Denver Kidd

Worth the purchase. This is a super cute book. The illustrations were simple and bright. This is about a cute little pup who is very curious about creatures that are different from it. This would be the perfect book for curious children!


Sweet children's story. This book was a fun little adventure of a dog named Butterball. Butterball met some great friends at the beach. The book had a few counting lessons as well as some activities at the end of the book. A great find.

Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm

Cute illustrations and fun story, including educational facts about different animals encountered at the beach. Love that it includes activities at the end, too!


We thoroughly enjoyed Butterballs adventure and excitement on her first trip to the beach. Written in a way young children can relate too, meeting new friends, getting to know about them. Also, a chance to problem solve when a dilemma occurs. Love the fun facts, questions and puzzles. Highly recommend this book for early readers.


Butterball Goes to the Beach is a story that surprised me. From what seemed to be a story of a simple trip to the beach there are lots of things to discuss with the children and help them to learn.
As the title suggests, the story follows Butterball the dog as he has a day on the beach but he ends up in a tricky situation to get out of. Butterball is such a fun character and one the children wanted to succeed. It is great for the children to see that even Butterball I saw scared sometimes and how friendships and being kind can help.
The illustrations in the story are fun and brightly coloured but not too busy that it distracts the children. Their favourite pictures to see were the animals and sea creatures, it is a shame there wasn't a few more of them but we liked

what we saw!
My favourite part of the story was when we were introduced to some of the sea creatures. I love that we got to see Butterball counting and comparing numbers to himself. This is a fantastic way to get children thinking about quantities and more or less at a young age. Whilst the younger children don't know the concept of more or less very well the older ones loved shouting out their answer and it's fun for the rest of them to count the legs. This is also a brilliant way to teach the children a bit

about the animals.
We really enjoyed reading this story and learning lots from it. This is one of the best kinds of children's books, fun for them to read and lots to discuss and learn from too! Definitely worth a read

with young children.

Jade Hewlett

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